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MobaZane is definitely a fanboy of Philippine MLBB!


Recently, the Mobile Legend scene have been disrupted by the SEA Games. Despite fans enjoying Philippines’ back-to-back gold, Indonesians seem not having any of it.

Indonesians found it hard accepting their defeat, prompting them to raise a protest regarding SIBOL’s pauses. For the Indonesians, team PH’s pauses were a form of cheating, deliberately disrupting their games.

Joining a Pinoy Team? MobaZane Wants To Play in Asia - HYPRGAME

As per MobaZane, BTK’s star player, this was a lame excuse for the Indonesians.

The NA superstar raised that the current meta was not favorable for Indonesia’s aggressive playstyle. The BTK Team captain also added that the pause issue during the grand finals match was a lame excuse.

MobaZane also included that SIBOL, winning with two rookie players, was embarrassing for the Indonesians.

Indonesian Team Protested In-Game Pauses by Sibol MLBB Squad

PH won with two rookies, that’s pretty embarrassing [for ID team], man.”

Asked about his thoughts on the pause issue, the star said, “I think that’s a bad excuse for losing [against] two amateurs [from PH team].”

MobaZane has been a fan of Philippines’ Mobile Legends scene. Recently, he’s been touring around Southeast Asia to explore every meta.

MobaZane Shares Thoughts on Wise's Playstyle

In the course of his tour, he claimed that Philippines had the craziest meta of all. He even claimed that the country is the one dictating the meta.

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