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Will Crystallis reinvigorate the veteran team with new ideas?

After Sumail officially left Team Secret, many began to speculate who would replace him. In fact, there were rumors that Team Secret will be looking for a mid-laner, because Nisha will return as a carry in the next season.

However, it turns out that Nisha will stay in the mid lane, because Crystallis will replace Sumail as carry in Team Secret.

Through a Twitter social media post, Team Secret announced that they welcomed the player as their newest carry player. In fact, they confirmed his position in the post as Carry. This disputes the speculations saying that Nisha would return to that role.

The entry of Crystallis to the team’s roster gained various response from the fans.

The majority of fans think that this is the right step from Team Secret to get young, innovative players. Their current roster is full of veterans, and maybe they need a new idea and playstyle. Crystallis can come up with these needs as he is a young blood.

With the entry of Crystallis, fans hope that Secret can secure their position at TI11 by winning the next Major.

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