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TSM as Major champs?! Is this going to be another “underdog run” at the Major?

Not many thought that TSM could continue their struggle so far at the Stockholm Major. In fact, they managed to get the Top 3 in this major, after beating Gaimin Gladiators with a score of 2-0.

Now, thanks to their underdog run in the Upper Bracket, TSM can earn 530 DPC Points to get into TI11.

The first game did not go as smoothly as TSM expected because they almost lost in the 38th minute. After experiencing a severe teamfight defeat, TSM lost 2 rax and had to desperately protect their ancient.

However, the underdogs managed to turn things around and was able to make a comeback in the 44th minute.

The second game runs almost the same as the first game. However, this time Gaimin Gladiators tried to be more aggressive in the early game, and forced TSM to fight desperately in the mid game.

In fact, the Gladiators managed to get a 10k gold lead in the 22nd minute and almost got the barracks quickly.

However, the squad managed to secure a comeback at the last minute. With this, the team secured a top 3 finish at the Stockholm Major.

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