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Beastcoast Did Not Break a Sweat in Crushing Team Spirit

Dethan Dario

The TI champs Team Spirit are forced to go home early after a crushing defeat against Beastcoast.

The Stockholm Major is currently a nightmare for the big teams, as they went home one by one quickly. One of the big teams that have fallen following BOOM and EG is Team Spirit, the TI Winner.

They were helpless against the team from South America, beastcoast, and had to lose by a score of 2-0.

The first game of the match was fairly even at first. However, beastcoast was slowly snowballing with teamfight wins in the midgame. Finally, Team Spirit had to give up in the 37th minute after losing another crucial teamfight.

Spirit had to win the second game in order to stay in the Stockholm Major.

Unfortunately, the second game again became a disaster for the TI Winner. Unlike the previous game, beastcoast with Troll Warlord managed to take over the early game freely. Team Spirit looks overwhelmed to keep up with the fast pace of the South America representative team.

In the 33rd minute, Team Spirit again had to give up and go home early from the Stockholm Major after losing against beastcoast.

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