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No wonder BOOM got into Lower Bracket in the Major with this revelation from Skem!

BOOM’s performance during the Stockholm Major is labeled as “underperforming”, since they got into the Lower Bracket. In fact, during the group stage in Group A, BOOM could only get 5 draws and 1 loss, without a single 2-0 win.

From these results, many fans thought that BOOM was having an internal problem, which Skem directly confirmed.

Skem elaborated when he was getting an interview with Tsunami after the draw against Evil Geniuses. Tsunami initially only asked about the state of BOOM after the game ended. However, it turns out that Skem started to explain in detail their problems during the major.

The fans also responded with concern, because this kind of problem is usually handled by the team behind closed door.

Skem began to explain this when Tsunami asked Mushi’s impact during the group stage. Skem then explained that their current problem was due to a lot of personal “in-game” problems, which he didn’t even know why.

However, Skem also added that he felt BOOM could “fix” this problem as soon as possible, before they had to return home from the Lower Bracket.

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