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VSPN ‘Extorts’ PUBGM Teams with ‘Admin Fee’

Vberni Regalado

VSPN is apparently taking away prize money with pretense of “admin fee”!

PMPL SEA 2022 is on the way to be held in the beginning of June, yet there’s a dark cloud brewing on the horizon.

Credible sources told Hyprgame that PUBGM international tournaments organizer, VSPN, is taking away teams prize money under the pretense of “admin fee”.

This is a very uncommon practice as tournament organizers is commonly paid upfront by the game’s publisher.

Therefore, there should not be any justification in the “admin fee” that the organizers were charging the teams with.

Sources even lambasted the admin fee as “made up” thing by the organizers to squeeze more money from the PUBGM esport scene.

It was quoted that the admin fee they charged are as high as 3,5% of the prize money the teams earned.

As quoted from their website, VSPN was founded in 2016 with a headquarter in Shanghai, China.

They were spotted organizing tournaments for PUBGM tournaments as early as 2021.‌

It is still unclear whether they have charged teams as soon as they started organizing tournaments, or only recently in 2022.

There are no official words yet on this rumor from both Tencent and VSPN representatives.

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