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EG is in danger of being home early after horrendous 2 opening matches in the Major!

As their position is in jeopardy, the NA squad need to overhaul their way of playing and draft in the upcoming matches. With 2 defeats in a row against T1 and Tundra Esports, they are now bottom of Group A Stockholm Major, .

In fact, Evil Geniuses is in danger of leaving the Major early without being able to get into the playoffs if they lose against the next 2 teams!

They played against Tundra Esports in the first match, and from that first game, EG looked unconvincing. Their Storm Spirit first pick was countered, and the team lost in the 33rd minute.

Apparently, their draft was still going the same way in the second game with the first pick Storm Spirit, and again they suffered defeat in the 44th minute.

After losing the first match, EG needs full points or at least a draw against T1 in the second match. Unfortunately, EG still hasn’t learned and is back to doing the Storm Spirit first pick in the first game. T1 took advantage of this and beat EG in the 31st minute.

The second game was more interesting because EG finally didn’t pick Storm Spirit and had time to dominate the game with Naga Siren Arteezy. However, T1 managed to turn things around thanks to Lina, who Karl played perfectly, and beat EG with a score of 2-0.

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