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You can spam these heroes to get your MMR as high as possible in 7.31c!

7.31c brings a few changes, with the majority being nerfs for popular heroes like Primal Beast and Necrophos. Apparently, with those who got nerfed, several heroes with high winrates reappeared and entered the meta now.

Here are 3 heroes that you can use to get MMR in patch 7.31c!

  1. Silencer – Flex Pick 7.31c
  • Silencer is one of the heroes with a fairly large winrate at 53.61% at this patch. The hero is quite flexible and can enter 3 positions, namely midlane, support, or hard support. With the Aghanim Shard upgrade, Silencer can farm quite fast too.

2. Juggernaut – Carry Favorite 7.31c

After Tiny and Medusa got nerfed, many carry players are looking for other alternative heroes to replace those nerfed heroes. As it turns out, Juggernaut meets all of these criteria, as he can quickly farm through Blade Fury, and helps push with Healing Ward.

3. Axe – Offlane Destroyer 7.31c

  • Even though Axe was hit by several nerfs in patch 7.31c, it actually made his winrate rise to 54.61%, almost hitting 55%. The growing popularity of “paper” carries like Juggernaut or Drow Ranger makes Axe quite successful as an offlaner. In fact, he can now also be active in the early game with the Urn of Shadow rush, making him a hero with high kill potential early on.

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