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Boom lose in a stomp against RNG! Preview of the upcoming TI?

The Stockholm Major will unfortunately be incomplete due to the absence of the team from China, due to the prolonged lockdown by the government. However, there is a little preview of tournaments between regions, namely SEA and China, in the charity tournament Gamers Without Borders 2022.

In the Grand Final of the tournament, Boom actually lost against RNG with a score of 0-2, although on paper, Boom should have been stronger.

The first game belongs to RNG with their draft being quite focused on the mid-game. Heroes like Death Prophet and Mars secure their early-mid game phase, and Anti Mage who gets a lot of space is able to finish the game quickly.

Boom gave up in the 32nd minute after they suffered another defeat in teamfight.

The second game was more even than the previous game. Boom managed to offset the aggression from RNG, and they exchanged advantage until the 30’s minute. RNG managed to snowball after winning the fight in the 34th minute, and finished the game quickly.

In the 40th minute, Boom gave up again and had to recognize RNG as the champion of charity tournament Gamers Without Borders 2022

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