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Qojqva Claims Bulba ‘Rehabilitated’ Ramzes

Vberni Regalado

Turns out Bulba had successfully “rehabilitated” Ramzes!

All pro players who often play public games will definitely meet, and often conflicts will occur. Especially since public game are quite intense. Turns out, Qojqva had that experience when he met Ramzes.

However, Qojqva explained that their problems were resolved after Bulba managed to “rehabilitate” Ramzes.

While streaming, Qojqva talked about how he used to get into a “beef” with Ramzes. At first, it happened when they met in a public game. At that time, Qojqva, who did not play like Ramzes wanted, got ridiculed by the Russian player.

Apparently, this carried over to the next public game, and their conflict continued for quite a long time, until they each changed nicknames such as “qojqva best player eu” and “ramzes best cis player” sarcastically.

It turns out that it happened when he was still playing with EG. That’s the reason why Bulba was involved in this matter. Suddenly, Bulba messaged Qojqva asking about their conflict, and he recounted in detail what had happened.

After the Chengdu Major, Qojqva, who was still playing with Team Liquid at that time, met Ramzes in person with Bulba. It turned out that Bulba persuaded Ramzes to apologize to Qojqva. Qojqva was impressed with Bulba’s successful “rehab” of the Russian player.

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