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Topson Will Return Next Year

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Topson Will Return Next Year

Dethan Dario

Topson announced that he will probably return next year!

As a regular streamer, Topson often attracts a large number of viewers with numbers reaching over 10,000. With that many viewers, many doubt Topson’s return to the professional scene in the future, since he can earn a living through streaming.

However, Topson’s competitive spirit is still burning, and he plans to return to playing professionally next year.

He revealed that when he was looking for a game on stream. He started to explain why he took a break from playing professionally. Topson also admits that playing professionally is very tiring, especially if you play continuously throughout the year.

However, this year he is feeling refreshed and ready to compete again. Unfortunately, he explained that this year he didn’t “have a team”.

Topson explained that he would miss TI this year for various reasons, including not having a team that could accommodate him. He continued that maybe next year he will be back playing professionally, at the next TI.

Topson then closed by saying that he was actually just taking a break, not retiring. With this, it’s sure that Topson will return, if he’ll have a team soon.

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