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TNC proves to be the better team after dominating over the advancing OMEGA Esports, 3-1.

On April 28, Thursday, Omega Esports advanced to Match 3 after wreaking havoc against the super team of ECHO. However, the team’s dominance got tamed with TNC’s strategic play.

In a very convincing fashion, TNC showed how a Franco pick can help dominate a game.

For the first game of the series, everything appeared one-sided in favor of TNC. While there were minimal skirmishes, TNC speedran the game with just 10-minutes in the game.

The first win is all credits to TNC’s coordinated play, taking timely objectives leading to a quick finish.

Unlike the first game, the second one took a longer route with OMEGA, this time, taking the commanding position.

After taking a crucial clash down the Lord area at minute 13, the team managed to go for a straight finish. OMEGA took the win with over 9k gold lead, and a 6-1 kill lead.

The third game of the series initiated TNC’s Franco show. Giving TNC Benthings his signature Franco pick, the team outwitted OMEGA during different openings.

Although the game appeared close, OMEGA’s supposed ‘lason’ failed to create a momentum for the team.

With Kramm’s Esmeralda backing up the Franco, the team’s isolation play came easier. The team cleared game 3 at 20-minutes in following an intense clash from two different locations.

As expected, the fourth game looked intense with both teams’ upper bracket life on the line. TNC comfortably picked their signature heroes, with another Franco pick and an Esmeralda.

Meanwhile, OMEGA tried to counter differently, this time with a Claude pick for Kelra, and an Angela pick for Ch4knu. Despite trying, however, OMEGA failed to make a series comeback, and will be sent down to lower bracket, 3-1.

With this momentous win, TNC has secured their top 3 finish this season. The team will be fighting for top 2 for tomorrow as they face the winner between RSG and ONIC Esports.

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