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An OMEGA sweep against ECHO shocked the MPL Philippines playoffs match 1!

At the start of MPL Philippines season 9, many were hopeful for ECHO’s success. At the start of the season, the team took everyone’s eyes by showcasing a powerful early start.

In its first few series, the team did not drop any game which made them look as if they were the strongest this season.

However, at the later time before the playoffs, the team seemed to slow down after taking some losses. From top 1, the team dropped to number 3.

While sitting ahead of OMEGA, ECHO Esports was taken aback at the opening game of the playoffs.

In the bloodbath, OMEGA created an omega play by sweeping the team, 3-0.

This surprised fans, especially Omega’s players. Even their star player Kelra told that he was expecting a 3-1, or at least a 3-2 ending in the series.

With this, the team now proceeds to the next stage of the playoffs. Omega will be facing TNC on April 29.

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