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N0tail, with all his achievements, believes that Ceb is the GOAT of Dota.

N0tail Ceb

Dota fans have their own opinions about who is the best Dota player in the world, including N0tail himself. As the winner of The International twice in a row, it’s understandable if he chose himself as the best Dota player.

However, it turns out that he prefers his teammate, Ceb, as the best Dota player in the world.

While streaming, N0tail answered questions from viewers about his opinion about the best player in Dota. N0tail immediately answered Ceb without hesitation. According to him, Ceb has the potential and will when playing professionally.

However, he also added that there were other players who he thought could be the best players in Dota as well.

N0tail Ceb

He took Topson as an example, saying that Topson could do 20 things that other players couldn’t. Notail also believes that Topson has potential that exceeds other players.

However, for now, Notail still believes that Ceb is the best player in Dota.

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