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During an interview with SirActionSlacks, Notail explained why pro players really like using smurfs.


The smurf situation that Valve still can’t handle turns out to be worse at various levels of the Dota game. From the level of the Herald to pro players in Immortal, smurfs are still very popular for players to find. In fact, some pro players began to complain about the presence of smurfs in their brackets.

Apparently, Notail revealed that the reason for pro players using Smurfs was quite ridiculous, even though it might just be sarcasm.

SirActionSlacks opened the podcast by saying that the smurf situation was getting out of hand. He then accused Notail and all the other pro players of making this smurfing culture even more widespread. Notail then gives the reason why the smurfs exist.

“Have you seen Topson’s stream? He doesn’t use smurfs, and every time he plays, the other players target him.” Notail explained.

Notail continued that this basically ensures everyone targets Topson. The game becomes unpleasant to play because fans and haters are too focused on Topson.


Of course, fans don’t believe that that’s the main reason pro players use smurfs. Many say that they need the smurfs to practice on heroes without their rivals knowing.

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