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“Nigma Struggles Because Of Kuroky” – Ceb

Dethan Dario

Ceb gave the opinion that Team Nigma WEU is now struggling because of their own captain, Kuroky, failed to adapt.

Nigma Kuroky

Team Nigma WEU is now officially relegated to Division 2. This, even though they managed to beat Team Secret in the last game. They can only win 1 match out of 7 games, and these results make them go down to Division 2.

Ceb, who is still actively monitoring the Dota 2 professional scene, cited some of his observations. According to the two-time TI champ, one of the reasons this happened was because of Kuroky.

Ceb gave this analysis while he was waiting for Team Nigma’s match against Team Secret with Qojqva. Qojqva asked the reason why Nigma always struggles against teams in Division 1, and Ceb immediately said that Kuroky was one of the reasons.

“To be honest, if we look at the Team Nigma game, ILTW will definitely have a hard time on the lane because of Kuroky. Kuroky always messes up in the lane.” Ceb explained.

Ceb then continued that a team would definitely struggle if one player couldn’t adjust to the meta. Qojqva, who was surprised by the statement, could only raise his hand while allowing Ceb to continue his analysis.

It seems Ceb is indirectly saying that Kuroky is taking the current pro scene too lightly to the point that he doesn’t want to adapt to the existing meta.

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