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Not only were they relegated, but Nigma was also ridiculed by their old rival, Topson, who said joining such team was “career-ruining”.


Nigma Galaxy WEU is currently going through the toughest phase in WEU’s Dota division, having been relegated to Division 2. They will follow Alliance, which is now looking to be on the way to Division 1. Many factors have brought them to where they are today.

However, not only relegation, even Topson indirectly said that joining Nigma would mean “career-destroying”.

Topson said this while he was streaming on Twitch, which he now does regularly. He read some chats from the viewer, and someone gave him the recommendation to join Nigma.

Topson, with a smile, answered the request by saying “Join Nigma? Are you a hater?”

Topson Nigma

He continued with, “Are you trying to ruin my career? Join Nigma huh, you’re trying to ruin my career.”

It seems that the two-time TI champ also thinks that Nigma is now at their lowest point. However, some fans also thought that this was just a joke from Topson.

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