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The defending champs Blacklist International has exited MPL PH with a sobbing Kevier.

Wise Comforts Kevier After Blacklist

Recently, the MPL reigning champs Blacklist has bid its farewell for Season 9. The team faced a significant upset against Omega in their crucial match, 2-0.

Following their heartbreaking loss, Kent “Kevier” Lopez broke down after failing to qualify for the playoffs.

In a Facebook post, a sad boy Kevier expressed his apologies for being a ‘choker’. This followed after several hate comments were directed at him for his performance in the tournament.

“Sorry, I’m a choker. It’s all up to you guys, Danerie James (Wise), next season,” said Kevier.

Meanwhile, a supportive Danerie “Wise” Del Rosario responded with some inspiring words. According to the M3 and MPL champ, he too was a ‘choker’ before.

“It’s ok, Kev. You’re still strong. If we’re talking about choke, I’m the master of it with how much I lost before we started winning. Chair (Cheer) up Kevs!” said the superstar jungler.

Back as an ONIC player, Wise was also able to reach two finals appearance. Unfortunately, his luck has always run out on the big stage.

The player was only able to get a title after he and OhMyV33nus teamed up for Blacklist International. Donning the black suit, Wise was able to redeem himself with a back-to-back title– MPL PH Season 7 and 8.

V33nus, Wise to skip MPL Philippines Season 9

Currently, both superstars are taking a break from the scene. This is for them to rest after spending some time professionally. In their absence, the team’s young guns took over but unfortunately failed in defending their crown.

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