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Bren lang sakalam? Maybe not anymore as Bren Esports is officially out of MPL PH Playoffs contention!

Bren Esports Unveils Roster for MPL PH Season 9

The battle for the final slots in the MPL Philippines Playoffs Season 9 is currently in hard mode. As of this moment, three teams remain battling for the remaining slots.

Meanwhile, the M2 champs got themselves slipping out of the competition after OMEGA Esports handed them their tickets on the way home.

In a close 2-1 series, OMEGA was able to get closer to playoffs winged by the debut of Xavier.

In the series, Bren had a massive lead in the first game. Things had a direct turnaround after OMEGA caught a comeback in the 17th minute.

E2MAX’s Xavier was able to clinch it for OMEGA after putting up high pressure around the map. This tactic was too huge for Bren to handle as SUPER MARCO was not able to find any massive opening.

Seeing that their playoffs are on the line, Bren battled with full heart in game two. The team was able to keep their dreams alive, at least for another game.

In the third game of the series, OMEGA Esports has put forward their stronger foot. The team is able to capitalize on Kelra’s Lunox and Raizen’s Paquito.

The duo is able to snowball themselves towards their series win, 2-1.

Currently, three teams remain battling for the final slots of the MPL PH Playoffs. Blacklist, Omega, and Nexplay remain praying for the final ticket.

Omega will be taking their chances next against Blacklist International on April 9. Both teams will be trying their lucks to secure a playoffs spot.

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