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N0tail: Icefrog Didn’t Work On Dota Anymore

Dethan Dario

This 7.31 patch turned out to make many Dota 2 players disappointed because of the small changes. Notail even thought Icefrog was “no longer in Dota”.

The latest Dota 2 patch, which is 7.31, is not very popular among various Dota 2 players, including pro players. In fact, one of the TI winners, Notail, said that this latest patch is not like the usual big patch. He voiced his disappointment on one of OG’s podcasts.

Notail then continued that he thought Icefrog was no longer working in Dota. This is due to the oddity of this 7.31 patch.

On regular OG podcasts with Ceb and OG CEO JMRLuna, Notail said that he suspected that Icefrog was no longer working at Dota. He was suspicious because these latest patches look very “stale” and only changed the meta a little.

The big changes that occur in neutral creep are not too significant according to him, and there needs to be a bigger patch later.

Notail also continued that he was just speculating, because Icefrog who usually replies to his messages at this time looked “AFK”. There is also speculation that Icefrog is working on other Valve games, such as Half-Life 3 or other games that haven’t been released yet.

Of course, if this rumor proves to be true, Dota players who consider Icefrog a “god” will be sorely disappointed.

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