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Team Secret’s Ex-Myanmar Ambassador Bashed for Supporting Military Junta

Dethan Dario

Luckily, Secret’s ex-Myanmar ambassador Kizz is no longer connected to the organization.

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Recently, a clamor was made from the Myanmar community regarding streamer-influencer Kizz. This former ambassador for Team Secret controversially supported a fashion affair by a military junta supporter.

John Yao, Team Secret’s CEO, recently released a statement on his Facebook page saying that they’re hearing the people from Myanmar. He told that the organization will be releasing a separate statement regarding the situation.

On Secret’s page, an official statement was made saying Kizz was no longer connected to the organization.

Furthermore, Yao also mentioned that the team is sensitive to situations occurring around the world. He also maintained that Team Secret supports peace, and that it stands on the side of humanity.

“Team Secret is an esports organization that is sensitive to situations occurring around the world. We are an organization that supports peace and stands on the side of humanity.”

Hence, he cleared that their ties with Kizz already ended last month. The statement also mentioned that they are still in the process of reviewing their future steps regarding the issue.

“I want to be clear that our project together concluded last month, and we are in the process of reviewing the next steps during this period.”

He also ‘wished’ for Kizz to come out, and face the issues directly with the community.

“We wish her well and hope that she will come forward to address this matter directly with the community.”

As of this moment, Kizz is yet to make a statement regarding this issue. Meanwhile, many fans are calling her out expressing their dismay over her decision.

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