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Nigma Galaxy lost against Gaimin Gladiators in DPC WEU, again. Relegation soon?

Nigma Galaxy once again had to accept defeat in the WEU DPC even though they are close to relegation. They failed to get a single win from the previous 3 matches. And now, they failed to win again after losing against Gaimin Gladiators.

Even though Nigma managed to get 1 game, they still lost in the BO3 series against Gaimin Gladiators.

The first game belongs to Gaimin Gladiators with the meta snowball strategy in this 7.31 patch. However, Nigma managed to fight back and win the second game with Ursa, who looks quite strong. Unfortunately, Nigma gave up again in the third game after Boom got his Ember Spirit .

With these results, Nigma still has not been able to win a single victory in the WEU DPC this season.

Nigma sits at the bottom of the table with 4 losses without a single win. If they want to stay in Division 1, they have to win against Team Liquid, Secret, and Entity. The first 2 teams look quite strong and hard to beat, although Liquid’s performance is also not excellent at this time.

Their biggest chance to stay in Division 1 is to beat Team Entity 2-0 flawlessly.

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