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Nigma got themselves slapped by Boom who was dared to pick his comfort pick, Ember Spirit.

The defeat of the BO3 series at DPC WEU for Nigma was a major blow in their efforts to remain in Division 1. However, it turned out that their disaster did not end there. In fact, they got ridiculed by Gaimin Gladiators players, Boom, for their “daring” draft.

Boom is an Ember Spirit specialist who got everyone’s attention, including Ceb. Boom is famous for this pick as many teams try hard to counter his pick.

He tweeted at Nigma’s attempt to counter the favorite hero with Huskar’s pick, which seemed to fail because Nigma still lost the game. Miracle, who played Huskar in the game, did not counter anything in regards to the Ember Spirit that Boom played.

In fact, Boom appeared very domineering with 16 kills and only died 2 times in Game 3 of the series.

Unfortunately, Nigma fans’ reaction to Boom’s tweet was not very good. From the tweets that Boom issued, Nigma fans did not seem to accept Boom’s statement about the Ember Spirit. On the other hand, many professional players agree that Boom can put out the best performance with Ember Spirit.

Ceb, two-time TI champ, even compared him to Ana in terms of Ember Spirit gameplay.

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