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Sébastien “Ceb” Debs shares some of his thoughts on former OG players JerAx and Fly.

Ceb Jerax Ana

One of the biggest names that played under OG’s name is JerAx and Fly. Although Fly made a big name with the team, he fell into a deep negative environment after he made a shocking farewell in 2018.

Fly, in 2018, left OG which left the team in deep trouble days ahead of big tournaments including The International.

Meanwhile, JerAx fulfilled a perfect story with the team. During the same year, JerAx and the squad won their first The International title. Adding more success to their already great story, the team also won the following year with the same roster.

Tal “Fly” Aizik

Following their second win, JerAx retired from the scene. However, he surprised fans after he returned with Evil Geniuses. To put context, OG and Evil Geniuses has bad blood as it’s the team where Fly transfered to in 2018.

In a Twitch livestream, Ceb talked about his thoughts on the best pos 4 player in Western Europe. Ceb, also a two-time champ, named Maroun “GH” Merhej as the best in the region.

Dream OG Ceb

Surprisingly, one user replied saying that JerAx is the best. Ceb replied differently saying that JerAx plays for a different region.

“Somebody wrote JerAx is the best. Someone tell him the bad news. JerAx is playing in NA man. I wish…Yes, of course, I am rooting for JerAx. I love JerAx much more than I hate EG guys. Of course, I hate EG but JerAx is my brother. Of course, I am rooting for him. I will always root for him.”

Ceb on Thoughts with Fly

During the same stream, Ceb also talked about his thoughts on Fly. According to Ceb, he had not spoken with Fly since the 2018 drama. This he says, had saddened him.

Ceb noted that his respect for Fly never wavered and that he cares for him. He also added that it is difficult to detach from someone that easily.

Fly: "We really enjoyed playing with RAMZES666, but he decided he didn't  want to be an offlane anymore." » TalkEsport

“No, I never spoke to Fly after everything that happened. And to be honest, that saddens me. I had a lot of respect for Fly. I still do in a certain way. Of course, I am still upset at what he did but less and less day by day. But you know, it’s hard to erase a person from your life one minute after which is also why it hurts,” he said.

Also, I wouldn’t just care? I care about him that’s why it hurts. But I listened to what he said on the syndereN and SUNSfan podcast – I saw the regular clip and I think it’s quite fair what he says. I agree with what he says. One day maybe, who knows?” he added.

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