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DPC WEU: Tundra Steamrolls Nigma Galaxy

Dethan Dario

Tundra Esports crushed Nigma Galaxy with a score of 2-0 without reply in DPC WEU, even though Nigma had shined in Gamers Galaxy.

Many have high hopes for Nigma Galaxy after they shine at the Gamers Galaxy 2022 in Dubai. However, it turns out that their performance in the tournament has not been able to lift them in the WEU DPC. This can be seen when Tundra crushed Nigma Galaxy 2-0.

However, fans also understand that Tundra Esports seems to be very strong lately.

The first game belongs to Tundra after they managed to survive a pretty bad early game. Nigma tries to use the snowball lineup to finish the game quickly. Unfortunately, Tundra managed to create space for their cores to make a comeback.

Finally, Nigma gave up in the 42nd minute and Tundra won the first game.

The second game started evenly for both teams. They exchanged kills from the early game, and the game looked pretty even in the mid game. However, Tundra cores got online faster in mid-game with Necrophos.

With that advantage, they slowly got all the objectives and forced Nigma to give up again in the 29th minute.

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