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Gaimin Gladiators players’ Seleri complained about their delayed match against Nigma.

DPC Gaimin Gladiators vs Nigma Galaxy

The match between Gaimin Gladiators and Team Nigma Galaxy had to be postponed due to Nigma players contracting COVID19.

According to reports, Nigma players got the virus while bootcamping. As of this writing, GH is the only one unconfirmed of contracting the virus. Therefore, Dreamleague decided to postpone the match.

“Our EU Dota 2 roster is currently bootcamping and KuroKy, iLTW, MinD_ContRoL, Miracle- and rmN- have tested positive for COVID19. At this moment we are waiting for Gh’s test results,” their announcement read.

Nigma Galaxy Announcement

However, one of the Gaimin Gladiators players, Seleri, complained about this decision.

Seleri tweeted sarcastically about their postponed match against Nigma. He also said that they could certainly postpone their next game too if they were also “sick”.

Dota fans immediately detected sarcasm in the Twitter post, and discussed it on Reddit.

Many have asked that Boom can also get a rematch against the Nigma Galaxy SEA. Recently, Boom faced a default loss due to a blackout. Fans pointed to the treatment Nigma got at WEU that could delay the match, and asked why only Boom got the auto-loss.

BOOM Controversial Loss Due to Power Interruption

It seems that many are asking for an explanation from both Valve and the tournament organizers about this unfair issue.

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