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Boom’s effective communication is the highlight of their victory, according to Dota players.

Boom’s victory at Gamers Galaxy 2022 became the spotlight of international Dota players, not only from SEA. Their gameplay looks so neat and coordinated, that players think they communicate via telepathy. Turns out, it wasn’t because of telepathy.

One of the videos they put out was a “mic check” during the Regional Finals, and it shows how effective Boom’s communication is.

This mic check happened when they fought Team SMG in the DPC SEA Regional Finals. They managed to win 2-0 in that match against veteran players like MidOne. As it turns out, they use special vocabulary while playing for effective communication.

During a clash, they use the words “target” to focus their damage on a dangerous hero. After winning the clash, they immediately said “objective” so that the players immediately focused on the next objective, such as the tower or Roshan.

Many players consider this method of communication to be very effective when playing games that require teamwork like Dota 2. Sometimes, players have their own mindset, and they find it difficult to focus during or after a clash.

This can result in enemy heroes who survive the clash, or a bad clash that can result in defeat. When playing solo, communication techniques like this are very important to climb up the MMR ladder.

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