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Nigma is starting to get back to its former glory, and N0tail is giving it credit!

N0tail brings laughter and memes casting Gamers Galaxy Invitational –  Esports | Esports.gg

Retired decorated veteran Johan “N0tail” Sundstein is already enjoying his retirement as a caster. In his recent gigs, the former OG team captain is casting for Gamers Galaxy: Dota 2 Invitational Series Dubai 2022.

N0tail’s energetic casting has taken a lot of positive comments from the community. In his many comments, his praise for Nigma Galaxy has caught much attention.

OG and Nigma are currently top-tier teams who play in quick pacing. In their face-off, both teams showed how the game has already developed from the traditional meta.

N0tail Praises Nigma Galaxy

N0tail shared how awesome Nigma is as a team instead of going all out supporting OG. He traced back his history playing against the veteran roster as he saw them play aggressively.

“Nigma has no chill dude. They just went mid even though their LC (Legion Commander) just died. They are making a play and not many teams are going to be able to keep up. Even me. Even us. This team destroyed us so hard before TI8 that it changed us forever,” he said.

It made us a different team. It made us better and get us on their level. I got to give credit where it is due. For me, they are always going to be the fastest team in the world. The only ones who could compete are the ones who learned from them,” he added.

Pro Career Against Nigma: N0tail Bares his Wishes

The veteran-turned-caster also told that he wishes to see the replay of his former games against the team and have it cast by himself.

“Some of the craziest games that I have played in Dota are the scrims between OG and Nigma and I wish we could get the replays and cast them because holy smokes, the amount of brawling, the number of kills, yeah. It’s been some of the highest level of Dota I have played in my life, has been the scrims versus these guys.”

Notail Casting OG

N0tail stepped down from the competitive scene after the conclusion of The International 10. The community was taken aback by his decision as it marked the end of their legendary roster.

His career as a player is “the greatest all over the scene”. His back-to-back title with his original cast is one of the most unbeatable records in history.

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