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Two consecutive TI winner, Notail, has retired from OG, however, he’s still cast games hilariously. His passion for Dota is still high!

Dota fans are certainly no stranger to the name Notail, one of the Dota legends who won TI 2x and various other majors. Even though he has retired from professional Dota, Notail remains up to date with competitive play. In fact, he was a caster at Galaxy Gamers 2022.

When he casts the OG game, he’s certainly very biased, but also funny enough that the panelists and fans laugh too.

When he was casting the game OG against Secret, he didn’t even hesitate to use the word “we” when referring to the OG team. He repeatedly dictated OG’s play like a coach, like telling them when to Roshan, even though they couldn’t hear him.

The funniest moment was when he was very hype when OG managed to do a very good play, and finish the game effectively.

As it turned out, many people accepted the “biased” cast by Notail. They say that this obvious bias actually makes the game fluid. There are factors that make his analysis also very precise, as a former TI winner 2 times in a row.

Many hope that Notail can cast more OG games in the future.

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