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W33 Eats Own Words, Joins Gambling-Backed Alliance For DPC Tour 2

Dethan Dario

W33 has finally joined Alliance after much speculation about his new team. But, what about his principle?


After much speculation about his new team, w33 has announced that he will be joining the Alliance. This news has sparked controversy because Alliance is still getting sponsors from gambling. W33 himself previously had the principle not to join a team with gambling sponsors.

Through Twitter, w33 explained his principles towards gambling.

Alliance announced the w33ha’s entry to the roster through various social media, including Twitter. They announced 3 new players joining, including w33ha as midlaner. They hope to “ascent” from Division 2 with this strong roster.

However, they still list one of the gambling sites as their sponsor, something w33 wants to avoid.

Through his twitter, w33 explained that he would not be affiliated with sponsors originating from gambling. This is of course contrary to the team he joined, which still includes a gambling website as one of their sponsors.

There seems to be a deal behind that made w33ha join, such as not writing down the sponsor’s name, or not receiving money from gambling sponsors. However, there are still many who wonder about the decision of the Romanian player who vehemently disliked gambling.

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