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Team Secret Didn’t Join Sibol Due to Schedule Conflict

Dethan Dario

Team Secret CEO unveils the reason why their Wild Rift roster did not join Sibol.

Team Secret Wild Rift

The qualifiers for League of Legends: Wild Rift roster for Sibol just concluded recently. Surprisingly, Philippines’ top Wild Rift team, Team Secret did not join the qualifiers.

According to the team’s CEO, John Yao, the team had a conflict of schedule. Yao revealed that their Wild Rift roster was in conflict with their preparation for Champions Southeast Asia (WCS) 2022.

John Yao claims that the SEA Championship is more important than SEA Games.

Team Secret Wild Rift

“I think in general, these SEA Games and stuff, they’re like nice tournaments but it’s very hard to assign legitimacy to them from a community standpoint,” the CEO told.

Yao also maintained that winning in SEA Games does not equate to being the best in SEA. He further clarified that winning in SEA Championship is almost similar to being the one official titles.

“To us, those tournaments, those circuits, and those leagues are the most important thing. Everything else is secondary,” he stated.

Team Secret Wild Rift Philippines

Yao cleared that Team Secret would’ve joined Sibol if it were not in conflict with Riot-sanctioned tournaments.

“If a clash (of schedules) in any way interferes with the training for the normal tournament circuit, for the actual SEA Championship and for worlds (World Championship), essentially for all those games, that takes priority over SEA Games,” he told.

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