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Team Spirit Collapse Dumps Pregnant Girlfriend After TI10 Win

Dethan Dario

Allegations say Collapse got ‘cold’ after winning TI 10.


The International 10 winner Collapse of Team Spirit is under fire after supposedly dumping his girlfriend.

In a lengthy post, Collapse’s now ex-girlfriend revealed that she got dumped by the TI champ. She claimed that Collapse dramatically changed after winning The International.

“Lots of questions about Magic. I don’t want to put pressure on pity, I just want to be open and tired of enduring alone. Everything was fine with us until he won the int. He changed dramatically, became cold, we began to swear more often,” she told.

“He is aggressive during quarrels, and can roughly push. Despite this, I was very happy for him, because winning an int is what he always aspired to,” she continued.

Making the allegations more serious, she claimed that she got cheated on after Collapse knew she was pregnant.

“It is a pity that the game and life are completely different things. I went home to Kazakhstan for a while. I did not expect that he is such a person who in such a short time (literally one week) can cheat on me and quit knowing about my pregnancy,” she says.

She ended her controversial post by asking people to not become pitiful of her. “On this, we decided to leave, I hope there will be no more questions. I do not ask for pity, negative too :)”.

Team Spirit Collapse

Back in The International 10, Collapse became the highlight for his Magnus plays. Many fans claim he singlehandedly carried the team with his Godlike plays with the hero.

But with this controversial allegation, his image may no longer revolve around his TI 10 performance.

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