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T1 Ana Confirmed! KuKu Leaks Newest Addition on Stream

Dethan Dario

T1 Ana is now real!

T1 Roster Leaked, Ana In 23Savage Out! - HYPRGAME

In a stream dated January 7, T1 captain Carlo “Kuku” Palad leaked their latest roster.

Within the said stream, KuKu showed his recent practice matches where he revealed their newest team.

Notably, 23savage was no longer in the line up. Meanwhile, a new addition named ‘man’ was on the list. This confirms T1 ana as man is ana’s previous in-game name.

‘Abangan niyo nalang! Tingnan natin kung masisilip niyo ha. Sige tingnan natin mabilisan yung practice namin,’ KuKu told before checking his match history.

(Just wait for it! Let’s see if you’ll get a glimpse on it. Okay, let’s take a quick peek on our practice game)

Nosey fans investigated on the newest member carrying the in-game name ‘man’. Apparently, the said player carried the [NLA.] tag which meant Nobody Likes Anathan.

Upon checking, man’s former in-game names were also the names used by the two-time TI champion himself, Ana.

In his previous games, he’s been playing with numerous carry heroes. Similarly, 23savage has also changed his in-game name to ‘lft’ which meant looking for team.

This time, only time will tell until T1 officially announces their newest addition. But for us fans, it’s already confirmed.

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