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Team Secret MLBB Not Yet a Good Fit, but Not Impossible – John Yao

Dethan Dario

At least Team Secret MLBB is has not closed its door for conversation yet.

Team Secret CEO, John Yao

John Yao, Team Secret’s CEO, earlier revealed that it’s already planning to expand to the Philippines. In his interview with Yahoo Gaming SEA, the CEO mentioned that it plans to establish its presence in the country by building a gaming house.

Alongside Yao’s plan for the country, he also aims to be in the Philippines during the construction. According to him, he’s a hands-on leader that’s why plans to supervise the project himself.

During the same interview, John was also asked if he plans to enter the Mobile Legends scene as well. This, since Mobile Legends is already a prominent game in the country.

Team Secret PH arrives in Singapore for Wild Rift's Horizon Cup – Manila  Bulletin

According to Yao, he doesn’t have any plan for it yet as he sees it as not as global as Tencent or Riot’s games. Team Secret currently has strong teams in PUBG Mobile in Malaysia, and Wild Rift in the Philippines. Both of which are games under the flag of Tencent and Riot respectively.

“We look for global games, so for PUBG with Tencent’s backing and everything, the world championship has been in Dubai, it has been in Southeast Asia. Like they move tournaments across different regions in the world. There are teams from all over that are participating,” he said.

“We like that. So a lot of the Tencent games and a lot of the Riot games, we’re very high on. And that’s one of the reasons that’s why we have not chosen MLBB to get into. Yet,” he added.

Issues with Moonton? John Yao Clarifies his Sentiments

John Yao has been one of the most vocal critics of Mobile Legends. His personal opinions about the game led fans to assume that he has a personal issue with the game. His issues directly trace back to his remarks over Moonton’s exclusivity contract.

But according to the CEO, he doesn’t have any issue with Moonton. “A lot of people think that I have something against MLBB which is not true,” stated the Team Secret CEO. “I mean I made a statement before and I think it’s actually a fair statement, right? Which is if you are an organization that is focused on Southeast Asia and in particular in the Philippines and Indonesia, then you need to have an MLBB team,” he said.

There’s just no way around it, it’s like the biggest esport in those two countries, biggest viewership and everything,” he continued.

With that, John Yao clarified that entering MLBB now doesn’t make sense in accordance with Team Secret’s visions. At least as of the moment.

“But if you’re in other countries or if you are a more global brand then it may not make sense for you at this point of time, given the MLBB demographics,” Yao said.

“Right now it is not a good fit for what we want to do,” he clarified.

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