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Rumour: Krafton Meeting with SEA Organisation for 2022 Plans

Dethan Dario

Rumor has it that Krafton is going to schedule a meeting with one of the big teams in Southeast Asia in the next 2 weeks. This is to discuss the structure of the tournament in 2022 for New State: Mobile.

And, rumors also say that one of the big teams in Southeast Asia that will be involved is Team Secret. Aside from the accomplishments they have, they are also one of the PUBG Mobile team that has a very large number of fans.

Will Krafton raise New State: Mobile & bring the game title part of a competitive scene like PUBG Mobile?

From the rumors received, Krafton’s meeting with the big Southeast Asian teams were aimed at discussing the New State: Mobile tournament in 2022.

As we know, right now, PUBG Mobile is dominating e-sports games especially in Southeast Asia. The e-sports title has opened up vast opportunities for many teams to showcase their talents.

With the availability of tournaments such MEC, PMNC & PMCO to qualify a team to go to a higher level in PUBG Mobile, it does provide an opportunity for new talent to appear in the competitive scene even if its intense.

Now, PUBG Mobile is said to have a “competitor” in a game that is most likely the same but is owned by Krafton. With the graphics that New State: Mobile has, this mobile game can go a very long way in the future. Especially when they already emphasised that New State: Mobile is a “mobile-focused experience”.

But as for now, focused are more on PUBG Mobile as their presence in this competitive scene has been around for quite some time. Especially when many big teams are joining the PUBG Mobile competitive scene like Team Secret.

If true, will this cause many large Southeast Asian teams moving to New State: Mobile?

Maybe, yes! Maybe not! It depends on the group of prizes offered & the exposure they will get from New State: Mobile. Because if there is a Southeast Asian team playing in the competitive scene like PMPL, wants to switch to New State: Mobile, it may be a little impossible.

Why is it impossible? — Because they have already build a name for themselves in the professional arena of PMPL, especially. And there are among them who have brought Malaysia’s name on the world stage. So, to continue to enter the very new New State: Mobile competitive scene may be a little impossible.

But, if the incentives or structures offered by New State: Mobile are better than PUBG Mobile, it is not impossible that there will be professional PUBG Mobile players who will switch to New State: Mobile. We never know!

New State: Mobile has a bright opportunity to dominate the competitive scene

New State: Mobile wants to bring forward a competitive scene?! Definitely among New State: Mobile players will feel more ‘fair’ with the presence of New State: Mobile’s competitive build.

If New State: Mobile holds their own competitive, surely the chances of becoming a professional player will be brighter. Due to too many teams trying to enter the professional scene of PUBG Mobile, the title of the e-sports game looks saturated.

For New State: Mobile, they are newcomers in the competitive scene. So, opportunities will be more open for many teams. Maybe their tournament structure is different from PUBG Mobile, which can make it look appealing to many teams!

For the group of prizes & information about the New State: Mobile competitive structure, for now, it has not been announced yet. Maybe it is still under discussion because the decision is not yet final. Krafton will definitely be submitting more information this year.

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