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TI11 to Feature More Teams; Increases from 18 to 20

Dethan Dario

Sunsfan, one of the casters who often gets information about Valve, received news that TI11 will present 20 teams!

After a lot of disappointment about the major being canceled due to Covid-19, Valve seems to be starting to listen to feedback again. They said that TI11 will present more teams, namely 20 of the previous 18 teams. The last 2 teams will be determined through the last tournament before The International, which is rumored to be called the “Wildcard Tournament”.

This arises from the many complaints from the audience regarding the team that was present at TI10. Several teams such as Thunder Predator who failed to win a single game and Alliance became the target of these complaints. They felt that the teams didn’t deserve to enter TI because of their performance, and many better teams like Tundra had to lose their chance.

It looks like Valve is listening to their complaints and expanding the slots for TI11 later, explained Sunsfan through his podcast. He revealed that according to the info he got, Valve would eliminate the Major and hold an online tournament for the TI qualifiers. They also increased TI11 slots to 20, and these 2 slots will come from the last tournament before The International.

Valve seems to hope that a tournament scheme like this can keep the best teams getting the chance to compete at The International later. Many also praised Valve’s move, which made TI11 even more exciting even though the Covid condition was getting worse after the more virulent Omicron variant.

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