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Three-Way Tiebreaker for SEA Last Major Slot

Vberni Regalado

With the loss of T1 against Fnatic, there will now be a three-way tiebreaker for the last Major slot of the Upper Division DPC SEA!

Another unexpected result came from the Upper Division DPC. Now, it was T1’s turn to slip at the end of the DPC match after losing against Fnatic with a score of 2-1. This result resulted in a 3 way tiebreaker between T1, Fnatic, and Team SMG who had the same points, which is 5-2, to win the last Major slot and accompany Boom, although the fate of the major later is not yet clear.

T1 lost against Fnatic with a score of 1-2. They first fell behind after being slaughtered by Fnatic in the first game which ended in the 35th minute. They almost made a comeback after winning the second game. However, Fnatic went berserk again and slaughtered T1 in the third game, which finally resulted in this 3 way tiebreaker because the points of the three teams were exactly the same.

There is still no definite schedule about when this tiebreaker will happen. However, with the current form and momentum, many believe that Fnatic can win the remaining major slots. They look very compact and disciplined, while the T1 looks shaky and the gameplay is not very neat. Team SMG also has the potential to be the dark horse that will seize the remaining major slot.

What do you think? Who will qualify to accompany Boom at the Winter Major later? Let us know your predictions in the comments down below.

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