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Power of SEA Dota: Topson Loses 2k MMR While Playing in SEA

Dethan Dario

After retiring, Topson spent time with his family and played Dota in SEA. Turns out, his MMR had a freefall up to 2000+!

OG fans must have known that Topson retired after TI10 ended. He decided to retire in order to be closer to his family in SEA.

Even though he’s retired as a pro player, he’s back to playing like he used to, this time in the SEA region.

It turned out that his decision had gone wrong for his MMR, which was in freefall for more than 2000.

While he was streaming, a viewer complained that he had just lost 400 MMR. Topson responded by saying, “Minus 400? That’s a beginner’s number.” Then, he opened his profile and showed his current MMR which was at 8640.

The former OG midlaner added, “Try minus 2000.” Looks like the two-time TI champ has lost more than 2000 MMR while playing on the SEA server.

However, Topson looks okay despite having lost that much MMR. Maybe since he’s already won TI 2 times in a row, Topson doesn’t feel like he’s lost too much playing in SEA.

Despite losing MMR, Topson certainly values ​​other things more highly, like spending time with his family or providing entertainment to his stream viewers.

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