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MPL PH Season 9: Which teams are ready for battle?

The most-awaited MPL Philippines is now knocking at fans’ doors as the official start nears. Together with the ticking time, teams have also been undergoing massive changes to prepare for the upcoming season.

This time, MPL PH Season 9 will be as interesting as the previous ones because of the massive changes.

MPL PH S9: Here’s What You Need to Know About the Roster Changes

Nexplay EVOS


NXP EVOS has had the biggest change this upcoming season. Previously, the team has bid their farewell with their core player, Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera.

Aside from the departure of one player, the team also announced that Sanford “SanFord” Vinuya and James “Jeymz” Gloria will be sitting out for the season.

In order to fill the open seats, the organization has signed five rookie players from AP Esports. The team also included the addition of Jeff Lenjesson “S4gitnu” Subang who is just returning to the scene.

Blacklist International


Following their M3 success, the team definitely deserves a break from the scene. The reigning M3 World Championship winner announced that their key-players OhmyV33nus and Wise will be taking a break at least for this season.

To fill the gaps, Blacklist announced the addition of Mark Jayson “ESON” Gerardo, and Kent Xavier “KEVIER” Lopez to their active roster. Salic “Hadji” Imam is also reported to take the role of captain on behalf of OhMyV33nus.

RSG Philippines


RSG PH also announced the new key additions to their roster. Recently, Hyprgame leaked the team’s newest additions: Light and Kousei.

Meanwhile, the organization announced that their star player Iy4knu will be taking a break this season.



The shocking performance of ONIC Philippines definitely took fans into a wild run last year. The squad was able to make a statement in M3 World Championship where they were able to meet the powerhouse Blacklist in the finals.

Citing their very effective roster, ONIC PH will be trying their luck, once again, with the same roster. The team announced last week that the roster will remain intact for the coming season.

BREN Esports

Bren Esports

The M2 World Champs faced a massive downfall in 2021. Despite winning the highest title worldwide, the team failed to echo their dominance in the succeeding tournaments.

Recently, the team announced that their core player Ribo will also be taking a break this season. Aside from Ribo taking a break, the team also bid its farewell with another core player, KarlTzy. KarlTzy played a big role in their M2 run as he won the MVP title in the tournament for his performance.

In hopes of redeeming their former glory, the organization signed the MPL veteran Angelo “Pheww” Arcangel for MPL Season 9. Alongside Pheww, Joy Boy, SUPER MARCO, Saxa, Pandora, Stowm, and Jowm are also Bren’s newest additions.

ECHO Esports


One of the biggest shockers this season is ECHO Esports who acquired multiple stars from different teams.

Following their poor performance in MPL PH Season 8, the team has now upgraded with its new additions. In their official announcement, the team confirmed the addition of KarlTzy, Yawi, and 3MarTzy to the team. Aside from the three, Killuash was also added to the latest roster.

OMEGA Esports

OMEGA Esports

Despite winning the MSC last year, OMEGA Esports faced a huge face palm after failing to replicate their strong performance.

Recently, the organization has been quiet with its plans for the upcoming season. However, the team recently announced the departure of their midlaner, Dian. As of this moment, OMEGA has yet to announce its official roster for MPL PH Season 9.

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