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N0tail Said The New DPC is Too Stressful

Vberni Regalado

The world’s first consecutive two-time TI Winner, N0tail, gave his opinion on DPC that stresses players out too much.

As TI Winner 2 times in a row, N0tail certainly has the respect from the Dota world. In fact, many players said that they dreamed of playing with N0tail. Therefore, N0tail’s opinion about the DPC system is now a concern, because he said that the system is not healthy and not fun anymore.

He explained this in an interview that OG held on their Youtube channel. N0tail said that as DPC players, they had to sacrifice all their time. He also said that sometimes pro players have their own “peak”, and that can happen before or during TI. The DPC season is a place for these players to find their own “peak”.

N0tail adds that veteran pro players have sacrificed too much to play Dota. N0tail also said that for pro players who have been playing for a long time like himself, Puppey, and Kuroky, daily life as a pro player is already at a very difficult stage.

This factor made him finally take a break from the pro scene, although it is not known permanently or temporarily.

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