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Why Do Chinese Pros Play in SEA Pubs?

Dethan Dario

Chinese pros think SEA region is their home for pub games!


Recently, the Dota 2 community has seen a rise in the number of Chinese pros playing in the SEA region. This, despite China having its own dedicated server for its players.

y’ Explains Why Chinese Pros Play in SEA Region

PSG.LGD’s captain PSG.LGD’s captain, in an interview, explained why most Chinese pros are playing in the region.

According to Zhang “y`” Yiping, LGD’s captain, players are finding a hard time finding in their servers. More so, the veteran player also highlighted that SEA has more high-ranking players compared to their region.

Dota 2 'y

Dominik “Black^” Reitmeier, in a post-match interview in DPC China, told that he’s seen Wang “Ame” Chunyu a lot of times on SEA server.

The analyst raised the question as to why Ame chose to play in the region. y’ echoed his two concerns in his response.

“There are many aspects here. Mainly two points. First of all, during the morning and the afternoon, it is harder to find a match in Chinese servers so we prefer to matchmaking on the SEA server. Also, there are more top-ranked players in SEA server as well so there are some interesting ideas, some interesting playstyles we want to learn from, that’s why we like to matchmaking in SEA server,” he told.

Ame rejoins PSG.LGD as they announce their all-new roster.

Notably, both SEA and CN regions are not that different in terms of their playstyles. In history, both regions have been sharing similar ideas specifically in their draftings.

Aside from meeting each other in ranked games, both regions also share some games in third-party tournaments. Given the closeness of both regions in terms of geography, the issues on ping are not usually an issue.

With this reasoning, does this really mean that the SEA region is actually on par with Chinese players?

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