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Winter Major Potentially Back Explains Cyborgmatt

Vberni Regalado

Cyborgmatt is giving viewers and pro players hope of a possible return of the Winter Major as Valve finally takes the initiative.

Winter Major

The world of Dota 2 pro scene was shocked by Valve’s announcement on Wednesday that the Winter Major was canceled. Many strongly protested the move, until Reddit was full of threads condemning and regretting Valve’s decision. Valve heard all these protests apparently. They finally took the initiative to try and hold the Winter Major.

One of Team Secret’s top brass Cyborgmatt revealed this. He revealed Valve’s message to the public about the issue of the first Major in 2022. As it turned out, Valve had indirectly confirmed that the Major was largely canceled because the tournament organizer had canceled it. However, they also say that Omicron is one of the biggest factors.

Valve also apologized for their limited communication with pro players. They will be trying to keep holding the LAN Winter Major. This is so that players can still compete at the highest level. However, they also claim that this will be a very formidable challenge. They cannot promise that the event will still be a go.

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