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ONIC PH Retains Roster for MPL Philippines S9

Dethan Dario

The Franchise League applied in the competitive scene of the Philippines MPL makes them continue to retain 8 teams in the scene for this season; Blacklist International, ONIC PH, OMEGA Esports, Nexplay EVOS, RSG PH, ECHO, Bren Esports & TNC.

The regular season for MPL Philippines S9 will begin on February 18. As can be seen, many teams are starting to announce their roster for the upcoming MPL Philippines S9. The regular season will bring the same format where the top 6 teams will advance straight to the playoffs.

ONIC PH Maintains the Same Core, Continues to Chase MPL Phillipines S9 Title

One of the Filipino teams, ONIC PH has already uploaded a post about their roster for MPL Philippines S9. The team will not make any changes to their roster. They will maintain the same line-up as in MPL Philippines S8 & M3 Championship.

The team that bring out Banana Split meta has not yet had the chance to win the MPL Philippines S8 & M3 Championship. Although, they are still listed among the best Filipino teams so far.

Succeeding in getting clean sweeps against all teams in the upper bracket M3 was not an easy task. But they have the ability to do so because of the determination of the players. With the absence of any changes in the line-up, this will help them further improve the gameplay & chemistry.

“The team with the greatest determination will be the champion” – Yebmaester

According to ONE Esports interview with ONIC PH’s coach, Yebmaester said that,

“We have a solid foundation & that has already been proven during MPL Philippines S8 & M3 Championship. I really believe in ONIC PH players, as well as them,”

“I can’t predict what will happen in MPL Philippines S9 because all teams are strong. But I can rest assured that the team with the greatest determination will be the champion.”

Although the absence of Blacklist International core players, OhMyV33nus & Wise some sort of bringing chances to ONIC PH, the road still won’t be easy as ECHO & Bren Esports are out to pull some surprises with the alteration they made to their rosters.

ONIC PH line-up consists of Dlar, Baloyskie, Kairi, Markyyyyy, Hate, Mico, Ryota & Beemo. The team will also continue to be strengthened by their coach, Yebmaester, who will lead the team to chase their dreams of winning the MPL Philippines S9.

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