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Squeezed by Major Organizers? Ponlo Claims Low Profit Amid DPC Spendings

Dethan Dario

The Ponlo situation is definitely getting out of hand for Valve!

Singaporean Dota 2 Player Ponlo Reveals His Reasoning For Switching Roles

Quincy Crew’s Ponlo has publicly revealed that he’s making a very small income due to the Major’s rules.

On his Twitter account, the Singaporean player expressed his dismay over the organizers’ decisions on the upcoming Major.

The NA-based SEA player raised that the Major prize should’ve been distributed to qualified players. This follows after Valve’s decision to cancel the Major.

“Why is the Major’s prize pool and points not distributed at least partially to the teams that are qualified/would qualify? Flew to the other side of the world to play DPC & won, and yet I’m probably gonna make like $2k usd for the whole season after expenses,” read his Tweet.

Sarcastically, the player told that he would at least breakeven if he goes back to Singapore where he’d have to spend money on quarantine.

“wait nvm if I go back to Singapore I’m paying 2.5k sgd for quarantine so I guess I’m breaking even,” he followed through.

Earlier this week, Valve announced that the first Major is canceled due to Omicron surge. Despite the announcement, the company failed to detail where the prize pool would go.

Other players aside from Ponlo raised the same question, including caster ODPixel. The veteran caster told that Valve’s decision is a huge blow to players qualified for the Major.

“Is this really the best solution? Where’s that 500kusd going! Huge blow to the players this tour. Feelsbad :(” he told on Twitter.

As of this moment, Valve has yet to make a statement regarding the Major situation. But it appears they will be mum on the issue as they always have been.

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