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Hyprgame confirmed it first! RSG Dylan Aaron “Light” Catipon is now official, and Kousei is probably next!

On Tuesday, January 11, Hyprgame broadcasted that former TNC players Light and Kousei are heading to RSG PH.

This, amid the announced break of one of their franchise players, Iy4knu.

On Wednesday, January 12, RSG announced that the team has officially found a new ‘light’ in the team. This, announcing that ex-TNC has officially landed on the team’s roster.

RSG Philippines

“The light has lead him to a new home. Please welcome, Light! We consider Light a strong and talented mechanical player. We believe that his addition to our roster will shine our path to the championship. He will be playing the Roaming position,” read their announcement.

According to the team’s source, both players (Dylan and Kousei) have already had a done deal days ago. With their announcement, Hyprgame’s exclusive news is now partially official.

Currently, RSG Philippines has yet to announce its acquisition of another former TNC player, Kousei.

Meanwhile, other teams have already announced their official roster for the upcoming MPL PH. Teams such as Bren Esports have officially announced their working roster amid the absence of their veteran Ribo.

As RSG works for its future roster, other announcements from other teams are to be expected in the following days.

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