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Qojqva Mad Over Casters Flaming Players

Vberni Regalado

Qojqva expressed his frustration with casters who flamed players during the game, especially during the Gorgc match.


The real function of casters is to make the ongoing game exciting and attract the attention of the audience. They also usually partner with an analyst who will analyze the game to provide information. However, in one of the Lower Division DPC WEU games, there were casters who according to Qojqva flamed one of the players, namely Gorgc, and he did not accept it.

Through his stream, he said, “I don’t like it when casters flame the players. I really don’t like it, because casters are usually not good at playing Dota. They don’t know anything about Dota. It’s yet if they don’t know anything, yet they continue to flame the players. However, there are two or three casters who know about Dota.”

This controversy garnered various responses from Reddit. There are those who support him on this, but there are also those who think that Qojqva is overreacting. Qojqva reacted as if Gorgc, one of the streamers who played in WEU’s Lower Division, was the target of the casters’ flames. Gorgc made a move that the casters thought was inappropriate, and they jokingly flamed him.

Do you think Qojqva’s reaction is appropriate or excessive? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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