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PUBG Now Officially Free on Steam

Dethan Dario

PUBG on PC is now officially free!

PUBG: Battlegrounds Is Going Free-to-Play

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or now PUBG: Battlegrounds (PUBG), is now free-to-play on Steam.

Back in December 2021, the game’s developers announced on steam that the game will be free-to-play starting January 10 this year.

Fulfilling their promise, the game is now free to download on Steam. However, expectations were somehow put to a little downer as the game remains unplayable until today, January 12.

PlayerUnknown Battleground

According to an announcement, the game was put under maintenance for at least 38 hours starting January 10.

PUBG was initially a purchasable game on Steam since its official release. The game started strong in the gaming world, pooling millions of players around the globe.

The game, however, fell dramatically from its high pedestal, after cheaters disrupted the smooth experience in-game.

Many personalities such as Shroud started their streaming career with the game but exited as soon as cheaters destroyed their experience.


Since the entry of many cheaters in the game, PUBG has faced a huge number of losses in terms of players. Many players raised the cheating concern but to no avail.

Following its downfall, many other battle royale games have emerged, including Apex Legends which introduced a different take. Similarly, Fortnite took over the top battle royale game which appeared more friendly even for children.

Now, perhaps PUBG is aiming to make a comeback by making the game free to invite more players to come in.

But the main concern is, will there be more cheaters this time since it has become free-to-play?

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