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First 2022 Major Canceled Due to Omicron

Vberni Regalado

Bad news came from Valve because they decided the 2022 Major had to be canceled due to the increasingly dangerous Omicron Covid variant.

Valve Omicron

For fans of the professional Dota 2 scene who can’t wait for Winter Major, they will have to be disappointed. Valve decided to cancel the first Major for Dota 2 later due to the worsening Covid situation. The Omicron variant is one of the concerns of Valve, because cases in the United States have skyrocketed to 1 million cases per day.

Valve also explained that the new travel ban due to the Omicron Covid variant was one of the considerations. Since there are no majors, Tour 1 will end when all league matches have ended. Players who have joined the fantasy league will get their prizes before Tour 2 starts.

Since the first Major was cancelled, Valve will distribute points from that major to the second and third majors. With this distribution, Valve expects the points between regions to remain even. The new distribution of points is:

There has been no further news from Valve regarding the second and third major DPCs whether they will be canceled too or not. However, they promised to provide further updates regarding these majors.

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