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Dota 2 is Popular in North Korea!

Vberni Regalado

Turns out Dota 2 is very popular in North Korea, said by people who managed to escape from there! In fact, there, you’re not a “man” if you don’t know Dota.

Dota 2 North Korea

Dota 2 as a game is quite famous everywhere. However, its popularity has now decreased slightly. Even though it is declining, it turns out that Dota is also slowly getting popular again because of its newest anime series, namely Dota: Dragon’s Blood. However, who would have thought that Dota 2 turned out to be very popular in North Korea, especially among male gamers!

This was revealed by someone who managed to escape from North Korea. He said that in North Korea, almost all men know about Dota 2. In fact, he said that Dota has become a male symbol in North Korea. If there is someone who does not know Dota, then he is not a “man”. Since internet is banned in North Korea, they play LAN or offline, and get together for 5 vs 5.

Dota was famous in North Korea from the Dota 1 era since 10 years ago, said a Reddit user who has friends in North Korea. He said that the game was successfully smuggled through China and Russia. Unfortunately, the perception of Dota there is still not good. If a North Korean college student is caught playing Dota, he will be immediately expelled from the college.

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