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Valorant to Release Latest Agent on January 12

Dethan Dario

The new Valorant agent is definitely ‘sprinting’ towards its release!


Valorant has already announced its plans for the upcoming agent on Twitter. According to the developers, Agent 19 will get dropped as soon as Episode 4 Act 1 arrives on January 12.

Agent 19’s arrival will be the quickest release of another agent since the arrival of Chamber in patch 3.10.

All You Need To Know About the Latest Agent

According to reports, the new agent named ‘Neon’, codenamed ‘Sprinter’, will be carrying a speed-based skillset.

As of this moment, however, it remains undetermined which role will Sprinter be carrying.

Although, its initial teaser have already revealed numerous possibilities about the new agent, including her skills.


In a video released during the VCT Champions, the upcoming agent said  “I’ll show you.” The line was later on followed by a Filipino phrase  “Lintik kayo,” short for “Malintikan sana kayo,” which means “I hope you get struck by lightning.”

These lines definitely mean that the new agent will be holding some ‘electric’ or ‘lightning’ abilities which relates to speed.

Can this new agent actually be a similar agent to Jett in terms of speed and movement?

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